Join Ikebana International and Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter 121

Many people who become interested in learning ikebana will take several lessons with one of the local teachers. If they find their initial studies and arrangements satisfying and fun, they may decide to join Ikebana International, which includes membership in our local chapter and invitations to our workshops, events, and meetings. (A membership for just the local chapter is not offered separately.)

Ikebana International memberships start in July, with dues being due in June. Dues are $70 and include 3 issues of the Ikebana International Magazine (see below). To join at other times during the year, If you don’t want to wait until June to be able to participate in chapter activities, please Contact us for details.

If you want to dip a toe in and see if this delightful pastime is for you, check out our Study Ikebana page.

I.I. Membership Join/Renewal form 2022


Ikebana International Magazine

Our I.I. Magazine continues to be published three times a year featuring various articles on Japanese culture, crafts and foods. From the beginning of publishing in 1957, for over 60 years, the magazine’s editors have tried to sustain the article quality and images of ikebana arrangements of our nine schools which are the sponsors for I.I. Headquarters.



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