Study Ikebana

Ikebana, Kasamatsu Shiro, 1954. Ohmi Gallery

Ikebana. Kasamatsu Shiro, 1954. Ohmi Gallery

Several of our members also teach Ikebana. Many of them have studied this art in Japan.  While there are many schools of Ikebana, our chapter represents primarily three schools: Sogetsu, Ohara, and Ichiyo.

A skilled Ikebana arrangement looks deceptively simple and easy. Studying Ikebana is both an art and a discipline. It is not something that can be mastered overnight. While you will start making arrangements right away, time and effort is needed to learn the principles and rules that go into an artful arrangement.

If you are interested in studying this rewarding and enjoyable hobby, please contact us and we will send you a list of teachers currently taking students.

If you find yourself enjoying your arrangements and studies, and you’d like to become involved in our chapter, attend our special members events, and participate in our activities in the community, please talk with your instructor about joining Ikebana International which includes membership in our chapter. You can also check out our Join page.

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